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    Daming Lake Decoration Materials CO.LTD
    Several types of products to improve your quality of life
    Several types of products to improve your quality of life
    Excellent design and perfect experience make your life take on a new look
    We are committed to producing more environmentally friendly and natural materials, adhering to the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and producing products that can improve the quality of life of our people. Our hot-selling products have been improving and surpassing, and have received high praise from many customers. We will continue to work hard to create more and better products to make home life more comfortable.
    Our Slat Wall Panel is a beautifully designed artwork that not only looks elegant and modern.
    With durable and sustainable solutions designed for every space and style,at DAMING LAKE DECORATION MATERIALS, we are leading the way in interior wall design and beyond.
    Variety of changes made with wood full of sensibility.
    Daming Lake Decoration Materials CO.LTD.
    is the market-leading material/renovation/design service supplier in Ontario.
    We dedicate to providing our customers with high-quality and Eco-friendly materials such as wall panels, composite boards, sintered stones, etc.
    Get in touch with our specialists today to discuss the creative projects we can do together to make your place the way you want.
    We provide our customers with the most market-leading and Eco-friendly interior/exterior decoration materials.
    Our professional interior/exterior designers will do a specific plan with you together to make your place the way you want.
    We can send staff to your place and do physical measurements if needed to make sure that everything is well-planned and heading in the way you desire.
    You can find many interesting home-decoration accessories in our store, and we keep seeking the latest and creative ideas in the home-design world.
    About Us
    DAMINGLAKE Decoration Co.Ltd
    Contact Us
    Daming Lake Decoration Material CO.LTD.
    945 Middlefield Rd, Unit 8&9, Scarborough, ON M1V 5E1
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